The electronic devices Italian firm FACET will be present at MOTORTEC-2015 with his official distributor for Spain GRUPO CAUTEX, who will share the stand 3E09.

Facet Italy and Grupo Cautex, have decided to use Motortec fair as stage to ratify their presence and bet for the Spanish market. The stand will show Facet’s corporate image.

Motortec will be detonating point for the start of the new stage that both companies want to carry out together. Facet and Cautex have developed and ambitious business plan for the next three years that will turn Facet brand in one of the electronic components main brand in the Spanish market.

Facet is an Italian familiar company with recognized presence across Europe and South America that offers a wide range of high quality electronic products to the aftermarket. Nowadays Facet has more than 4.700 references distributed in six catalogues covering the following ranges:

  • Thermostats
  • Engine management components
  • Switches
  • Ignition
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Ignition cables sets.

Cautex by its side will present his new General Catalog Nº21, with an important range extension with more than 600 new references, with which updates and strengths all the product families that already offers. Its more than 7.500 references cover more than 500.000 applications, all of them available at its new website as well as in TecDoc, same as Facet products, also available in TecDoc.

Leveraging the launch of its new website, where has been developed a system to check the products stock availability as well as the possibility to order on-line, Grupo Cautex has strongly reinforced its stocks in Facet products, Plyom window lifters and control cables, and in Cautex brand products to offer an optimal service to the market.