New Grupo Cautex General Catalogue

With close to 1,000 new references (more than 7,000 in total covering more than 370,000 applications), GRUPO CAUTEX launches the new 21 GENERAL CATALOGUE.

Due to this important enlargement of new references, together with 400 new engine schemes, Grupo Cautex has designed the new catalogue dividing it in a two-volume catalogue for being easier to handle. Furthermore, the technical information of each reference has been increased for an easier location of the right piece.

Almost all the product families have been expanded and reinforced. Special remark to turbo-intercooler hoses must be done with an important range enlargement, without forgetting the rest of hoses, crankshaft and alternator pulleys, mountings, tie rods, tanks, thermostat housings and many more.

With the aim of offering the most clear and accurate information possible, both catalogue volumes are complemented by a third volume exclusively dedicated to steering and transmission CV Boot repair Kits, with more than 100 new references.

All Grupo Cautex products, are available with more details on the website, with constantly updated information, as well as in TecDoc.