Technical Circular 05 - Bearings

It is important to choose a first quality bearing as worn, defective or poor quality bearings endanger the safety of the vehicle and the passengers.

Technical Circular 04 - WSS sensors

WSS sensors (Wheel Speed Sensor), also known as ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) sensors, are the latest addition to the Facet range.

Technical Circular 03 - Oil coolers

An oil cooler, also known as heat exchanger, is a system with oil and water inlets. Water is responsible to cool the oil. The oil cooler is located between the base of the oil filter and the engine block.

Technical Circular 02 - Crankshaft Pulleys

The crankshaft pulley is located in one of the extremes of the crankshaft, and his main function is to move the auxiliary elements of the engine.

Technical Circular 01 - Turbo Hoses

Turbo–Intercooler system hoses have to be checked regularly and proceed to their replacement in case of wear, avoiding possible high cost breakdowns.