Engine Management Components

This product range, can be gathered into 6 groups:

  • Revolution and timing (CKP and CMP) sensors. The revolution and synchronization sensors are the devices that, completed with the coil and permanent magnet, sent inductive signals and are located on the top of the engine block. These sensors send AC sinusoidal signals, with a diverse amplitude and frequency, accordingly to engine revolutions. These signal sent, allows the ECU to readjust the synchronization of the engine.
  • Throttle position sensors. These sensors measure the throttle valve opening angle that under accelerator pedal control, adjust the air quantity engine entry. FACET makes strict durability tests to ensure their correct manufacturing.
  • Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensors. These sensors detect the pressure of the inhalation collector inhaled air. With this system, some electronic injection types calculate the air quantity entry and are able to determinate the correct fuel dosage.
  • Knock sensors. These sensors detect possible anomalies of the fuel explosion inside the cylinders. In normal conditions, the fuel burns gradually on the injection point towards the periphery of the cylinder, where a constant pressure is applied. In case of a sudden explosion, the fuel explodes, causing a sudden pressure increase. This can cause serious damages on the piston and engine and a reduced efficiency of the engine. FACET has fixed the technical specifications which have been implemented on the production equipment.
  • Mass air flow (MAF) sensors. The mass air flow sensors detect the entry air mass and are located between the air filter and the regulator valve. These sensors determine the appropriated quotient air/fuel by a direct measuring system installed in some types of direct injection. The air flow is converted by the MAF in a voltage proportional value or other electrical value and sent to ECU. This system assures the lowest detrimental substances percentage of the exhaust gases and an optimal engine working. The alternative to this system is the measurement by the MAP sensors). FACET has developed 3 MAF sensor technology:
    • Heat wire sensor
    • Thick layer sensor
    • Thin layer sensor
  • Air temperature sensors. These sensors measure the temperature of the air inhaled by the engine inhalation collector. With this measure, some electronic injection types evaluate directly the air quantity entry and determine the correct dosage of fuel. These sensors convert the air temperature measurement into a proportional voltage and send it to the ECU, that together with the dates of absolute pressure elaborates the engine revolutions number dates. This system assures the lowest detrimental substances percentage of the exhaust gases and an optimal engine working. The “NTC” sensors are made by a mixture of metal oxides and oxide glasses. The PTC linear sensors (KT or KTY) are made with silicon (SI) shaves.    

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