Ignition Coils

Used on the 80’s on the electromechanical engine systems, the oil filled coils are no longer used on the automotive industry. When they must be replaced, dry coils (with epoxy resin) are used.

This technology, in the same working conditions, assures growing durability and resistance at extreme temperatures (-40ºC/+120ºC)

Another advantage of the dry coil is the lower impact on the environment.

The ignition system coils, simultaneously provide the high tension to the spark plugs of the 2 joint cylinders (1-4 & 2-3). They are conducted by the ECU that decides the synchronization of the ignition according to the engine working conditions.

In a 4 cylinder engine is possible to have 2 coils with 2 high tension connections or 1 coil with 2 high tension connections. FACET makes temperature resistance tests between -40ºC/+100ºC during 360 hours simulating the working conditions. Design is made with cad 3D system.

Direct coils can be placed in correspondence to each cylinder or to each 2 cylinders.

The “pencil” coils represent the last generation of ignition technology, used also in the Formula 1 championship. They are located directly on the spark plugs and are made with extremely selected materials, high temperature resistant. They can allow an electronic circuit or an ignition module in addition to a suppressor and a galvanized armor to eliminate the interferences caused by the Foucault currents.

FACET makes parametric and function controls to 100% of coils.

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