New family of air suspension compressors in the first launch of the year with 177 part numbers

First release of the year with plenty of hoses, thermostats and turbo oil pipes. Steering gears family also keeps growing.

Cautex, European supplier of aftermarket spare parts in rubber and metal for the automotive sector, is once again launching new products on the market. This first launch of 2023 comes with 177 new part numbers. It highlights the addition of a new family, with 24 air suspension compressors, and keeps complementing the air suspension system, which began in 2021 with pneumatic columns and air springs.

One of our high technological items, steering gears, also keeps growing. This time, 3 new parts have been added, bringing this family to 148 part numbers in our catalog. It should be recalled that BBB Industries, the mother company of the brand, is a leader in the U.S. in the steering family.

In addition, most common families in this launching are hoses (35), thermostats (23), and turbo oil pipes (21).

Air suspension compressors are now in our catalog

Compressors are one of the essential elements of the air suspension system, feeding air to the circuit. The use of a compressed air circuit makes it possible to vary the hardness of the shock observer, which means maintaining comfort and stability. In an air suspension system, the ECU (Control Unit) is often considered to be the brain of the system. And so, the compressor would be the heart of the system. The air pressure circulates through the valve block and hoses to the air springs.

From our experience, we consider that, after a failure in the suspension system and if the compressor must be changed, it is right thing to change the relay, and thus avoid subsequent failures. That is why we include the corresponding relay with each compressor part. These 24 new part numbers apply to 806 different models for the following brands: Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Maybach, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Toyota and Volkswagen. In addition, soon will come a second release of air suspension compressors, family that will continue to grow.

The most important families of the new launch are:

  • Hoses = 35 part numbers
  • Air suspension compressors = 24 part numbers
  • Thermostats and caps = 23 part numbers
  • Turbo oil pipes = 21 part numbers
  • Silentblocs = 10 part numbers
  • Engine and gearbox mounts = 10 part numbers
  • Pedal pad = 9 part numbers
  • Steering tie rod end = 7 part numbers
  • Additional water pumps = 6 part numbers
  • Shock absorber mounts = 3 part numbers
  • Link bars = 3 part numbers
  • Alternator tensioners = 3 part numbers
  • Control arms = 3 part numbers
  • Steering gears = 3 part numbers

A PDF of the catalog can be found here: Catalog. This catalog is a practical work tool for professionals in the sector. If you click on the code, the shop online page will open, where you can see the complete information about the item and availability on the stock. New part numbers are available in TecDoc since February 22.

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