BBB Industries to attend Automechanika in Hall 6.1

The 6 brands that are part of the American group will be present at Frankfurt sharing space

BBB Industries (BBB), a leading sustainable manufacturer of automotive aftermarket parts, brings a joint presentation of several of its brands to Europe’s leading tradeshow, Automechanika. The six brands the company will showcase are Metalcaucho, STC, Cautex, Alfa e-Parts, Red Line, and Mapco

Metalcaucho (Hall 6.1 Booth B31), STC (Hall 6.1 Booth B27), and Cautex (Hall 6.1 Booth A21), offer almost 30,000 part numbers in their catalog. At Automechanika, they will focus on the classic rubber and metal spare parts that have made them benchmark brands.

Alfa e-Parts (Hall 6.1 Booth B21), the newest brand of the group, specializes in electrical and electronic components for the automotive industry. Alfa e-Parts offers 5,000 part numbers covering sensors, switches, valves, locks, thermostats, and lighting. It’s known for its rigorous and demanding quality testing and for its excellent logistics capacity

Red Line (Hall 6.1 Booth A25) is an Italian brand offers more than 20,000 part numbers in its catalogue. Red Line is a leader in Asian and American applications, and it’s known for its extensive knowledge of the engine rebuild market.

Mapco (Hall 6.0 Booth A06) is a German brand has 45 years of prestige in the sector and is known for its quality and wide product offering. Mapco offers more than 30,000 part numbers divided into more than 50 families.

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