Cautex presents a new family of products, bumper covers or caps

Among the 375 new products there are new engine and gearbox mounts

Cautex, a BBB Industries brand of aftermarket and spare parts in rubber and metal for the automotive sector, has taken advantage of the summer to prepare its fifth launch of the year. Among these 375 new products are new bumper cover products.

This line of bodywork products already existed in our extensive catalog. With this launch, it’s expanded with 118 new part numbers. These additions include covers, or caps, for the hook or tow bar of a trailer on the bumpers, both front and rear.

Another product family that continues to grow is engine and gearbox mounts, which with the new 76 codes already exceed 2,000-part numbers in the catalog.

There are also 33 new hoses, most of them for radiators. In addition, in this launch are the shock absorber mounts (20 parts) and steering tie rod axle joints (15 parts).

The most important families of the new launch are:

  • Bumper covers = 118 part numbers
  • Engine and gearbox mounts = 76 part numbers
  • Hoses = 33 part numbers
  • Shock absorber mounts = 20 part numbers
  • Steering tie rod axle joints = 15 part numbers
  • Link bars = 12 part numbers
  • Brake hoses = 10 part numbers
  • Steering tie rod ends = 8 part numbers
  • Silentblocs = 8 part numbers
  • Thermostats and caps = 8 part numbers
  • Heat exchangers = 7 part numbers
  • Clutch release forks = 7 part numbers

A PDF of the catalog can be found here: Catalog. This catalog is a practical work tool for professionals in the sector. If you click on the code, the shop online page will open, where you can see the complete information about the item and availability on the stock. New part numbers are available in TecDoc beginning September 27th.