Last launch in a year with more than 1,500 novelties presented

Among the 272 new products, there are 5 exclusive part numbers and 25 different families, including 119 hoses, most of wich are for radiator

Cautex, a BBB Industries brand of aftermarket rubber and metal spare parts for the automotive sector, presents its 6th and last launch of the year with 272 new part numbers. During 2023 more than 1,500 new products have been launched.

Hoses is the fastest growing family of parts with 105 for radiators, 7 for turbo and 7 for air. The next is engine and gearbox mounts, one of the brand’s iconic families, with 56-part numbers, which brings it to 2,100 spare parts in the catalog.

In addition, 15 brake vacuum hoses (doubled in the last year), 13 suspension arms (12 of them for VAG group), and 9 transmission crossheads (which had not been new for 3 years) also stand out.

The most important families of the new launch are:

  • Hoses = 119 part numbers
  • Engine and gearbox mounts = 56 part numbers
  • Brake vacuum hoses = 15 part numbers
  • Suspension arm (wishbone) = 13 part numbers
  • Transmission crosshead = 9 part numbers
  • Shock absorber mounts = 8 part numbers
  • Silentblocks = 7 part numbers
  • Dust cover kit and shock absorber bellow = 5 part numbers
  • Propshaft mounting and joint = 4 part numbers

A PDF of the catalog can be found here: Catalog. This catalog is a practical work tool for professionals in the sector. If you click on the code, the shop online page will open, where you can see the complete information about the item and availability on the stock. New part numbers are available in TecDoc beginning December 13th.

In 2024, the electric and electronic product will be sold under the Alfa e-Parts brand

As of this upcoming January, 448-part numbers will be sold exclusively from the Alfa e-Parts brand, which is also part of the BBB Industries group. This past May, a similar move was made in the electrical and electronic product offering, moving 545-part numbers to the Alfa e-Parts catalog.

In order to facilitate the correct identification of the product and avoid duplication of stocks between brands of the same group, this second phase of reorganization of supply mainly focuses on the following product families: EGR valves, door actuators, water pumps, auxiliary water pumps, locks, solenoid valves, switches, relays, and control units.