Last launch of the year with over 250 new part numbers

Including spare parts for 34 different product families. 17 steering gears and 34 wheel hubs are featured

Cautex, leading European supplier of aftermarket spare parts in rubber and metal for the automotive sector, faces the last launch of the year with 255 new spare parts, to reach the total number of 30,000 part numbers in its catalog, the most extensive in the sector in its category.

To conclude 2022, it is presenting a very varied launch, including spare parts for 34 different product families, including 34 wheel hubs, 31 engine and gearbox mounts, 17 steering gears and 15 heat exchangers.  

Special mention should be made of the constant increase in the steering gears family, a product line with great strategic value, which is constantly growing thanks to synergies with the mother company BBB Industries, American leader in steering family. It’s important to remember that all steering gears, 146 part numbers already in stock, are 100% new, and are verified in our own quality laboratory with dynamic tests. 

The most important families of the new launch are:

  • Wheel hubs: 34 part numbers
  • Engine and gearbox mounts: 31 part numbers
  • Steering gears: 17 part numbers
  • Heat exchangers: 15 part numbers
  • Tie rod and ball joints: 14 part numbers
  • Hoses: 13 part numbers
  • Boots: 12 part numbers
  • Thermostats and caps: 12 part numbers
  • Brake hoses: 11 part numbers
  • Door profiles: 10 part numbers
  • Oil dipsticks: 9 part numbers
  • Various engine and gearbox: 10 part numbers
  • Alternator tensioners: 8 part numbers
  • Silentblocks: 7 part numbers
  • Intake manifolds: 4 part numbers

A PDF of the catalog can be found here: Catalog. This catalog is a practical work tool for professionals in the sector. If you click on the code, the shop online page will open, where you can see the complete information about the item and availability on the stock. New part numbers are available in TecDoc since November 30.