Strong focus on the hose products for the first launch of Cautex branded products in 2024

The catalog continues to grow with 226 new spare parts, including engine and gearbox mounts and cylinder head covers. The range now exceeds 31,500 part numbers.

Cautex, a BBB Industries brand of aftermarket rubber and metal spare parts for the automotive sector, continues to increase its product offering. This launch presents new parts from 18 different product groups, with 2 exclusive part numbers.

The hose products are the fastest growing, with 164 new items: 145 for radiators, 13 for turbochargers, 4 for air filters, and 2 for hydraulic steering. As for engine and gearbox mounts, 18 new part numbers were launched. Another family with more products is cylinder head covers, which with 10 more codes, it now reaches 40 in its catalog, and 6 new brake hoses.

The most important families of the new launch are:

  • Hoses = 164 part numbers
  • Engine and gearbox mounts = 18 part numbers
  • Cylinder head covers = 10 part numbers
  • Brake hoses = 6 part numbers
  • Shock absorber mounts = 4 part numbers
  • Crankshaft pulleys = 3 part numbers
  • Silentblocks = 3 part numbers
  • Heat exchangers = 2 part numbers
  • Oil separators = 2 part numbers
  • Expansion tanks = 2 part numbers
  • Coolant flanges = 2 part numbers
  • Intake manifolds = 2 part numbers

A PDF of the catalog can be found here: Catalog. This catalog is a practical work tool for professionals in the sector. If you click on the code, the shop online page will open, where you can see the complete information about the item and availability on the stock. New part numbers are available in TecDoc beginning February 15th.